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As Woody Allen said: "The brain - it's my second favorite organ." There is no doubt that many men agree with the statement of the famous film director. Sex occupies an important place in the lives of men of all ages and largely determines the quality of their lives. Bright sexual life gives a man confidence in his own consistency, improves mood and overall vitality. Unfortunately, almost all men face the problem of being unable to lead successful sexual life at some period of life. Here you will find out more about the reasons, which may prevent men from enjoying intimacy with their partners.


What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Failures in the intimate life of a man is called erectile dysfunction or ED. Those who name it impotence should know that this is the severe form of the erectile dysfunction. To be precise, impotence is a condition in which a man is not possible to commit a sexual act under any circumstances. Fortunately, such cases do not occur too often. And for periodically or randomly appearing erectile problems there is a single term - sexual or erectile dysfunction. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are familiar alsmost to any man and in most cases they are can be treated with the help of special drugs.

Erectile dysfunction in men can be described as various deviations that hinder to reach or maintain a potency necessary for full sexual intercourse. From the medical point of view, the diagnosis of impotence can be used only when more than a quarter of sexual acts were unsuccessful. However, each case must be considered individually, carefully analyzing the causes of being unable to maintain the sufficient erection.



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What are the first signs of Erectile Dysfunction?

The danger of ED is in the fact that it starts quietly and gradually. Occasionally a man cannot complete sexual intercourse successfully. Because of this, a man may get upset but nobody will think about such serious diagnose at once. Over time, however, such cases start repeating more and more often.

The first signal of erectile dysfunction is premature ejaculation. In fact, this is the very first and obvious problem of the onset of impotence. Ejaculation is a release of seminal fluid and the total relaxation of the penis.

Ejaculation occurs not at the end of sexual intercourse but spontaneously and uncontrollably at the beginning or before the intercourse even.

Another notable factor is the weak erection. In fact, this is a major sign of impotence when there is significantly reduced rigidity and frequency of manifestations of the male erection. In this case, the hardness of the penis during intercourse isn’t enough hard.


The most important symptom is the complete absence of erection. There are two kinds of erection:

1. adequate erection - this happens during a sexual attraction to a partner

2. spontaneous - uncontrolled erection that occurs in the morning or at night.

When a man suffers from erectile dysfunction both types of erection are absent.

Impotence may accompany these diseases or be a secondary manifestation. If a man gradually notices that the unsuccessful cases of sexual intercourse repeat more often, it is important to see a specialist, who will be able to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe comprehensive treatment.


What is required for the successful erection?

The process of erection in men occurs after the series of interdependent mechanisms that increase blood flow to the penis that is necessary for the successful sexual intercourse. The possibility to achieve an erection and maintain it successfully requires:

• healthy nervous system, in which pulses are conducted to the brain and spinal cord, as well as to the penis,

• Healthy arteries of the penis corpora cavernosa,

• integrated smooth muscle and connective tissue of the penis,

• appropriate level of nitric oxide in penile tissues (which is the transmitter of nerve impulses)

In case of violation of even one of these conditions erectile dysfunction may develop.

What are the main reasons of erectile dysfunction treatment?

• Age

 There are two reasons why older men are more common with erectile dysfunction than younger guys. First, older men are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease (such as angina pectoris, stroke, diabetes and hypertension, which are based on atherosclerosis). Secondly, the process of aging itself affects the development of erectile dysfunction, due to the elasticity of the corpora cavernosa disorders and possibly reduces the concentration of nitrogen oxide in the tissues of the penis.

• Diabetes

 It is noted that in patients with diabetes erectile dysfunction occurs 10 - 15 years earlier than in healthy men without this diagnose. The reason for this is the earlier manifestations of their atherosclerosis phenomena. Besides, in diabetes there is a violation of the nervous system in the form of diabetic neuropathy.

• Hypertonic disease

Hypertensive patients have the increased risk of erectile dysfunction than healthy men without having this disease.

• Cardiovascular diseases

 In general, the cause of these diseases is atherosclerosis. For example, if you have Leriche syndrome, characterized by the fact that atheromatous plaques occur in the lumen of the abdominal aorta and iliac vessels, which depart from the arteries to the penis resulting in the developing of impotence.

• Smoking

 This is a very important factor in the development of atherosclerosis, which is the cause of disease.

• Damage to the nerves or spinal cord

 It also can cause erectile dysfunction. Damage to the nerves of the penis may occur in surgical interventions on the prostate gland.

• Alcohol, cocaine, marijuana

Alcohol can cause testicular atrophy, resulting in the decrease of the level of the most important male hormone testosterone being responsible for all functions in men’s life.

• Low testosterone levels in the body

 Testosterone is not only responsible for the libido (sexual desire), but also for the normal level of nitric oxide in the tissues of the penis.

• Medications

Many drugs have side effects, which can lead to the erectile dysfunction in men or even impotence.

• Stress

Nowadays men experience a lot of stress, which may influence their ability to achieve and maintain erection, though they don’t have any physical problems. Sometimes emotional distress may be the cause of the inability of a man to have successful sexual intercourse.

Therefore it is better not to waste time and to take seriously the first signs that appear in the initial stage of ED.




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Men`s sexual health | Erectile Dysfunction Treatment >>
Men`s sexual health | Erectile Dysfunction Treatment >>